Saturday, May 12, 2012

Potty training Day 2

I am so exhausted! It takes up so much energy being glued to a 22 month old and running her to the potty all day long. Brenda had one good moment today and several accidents. She didn't go through nearly as much underwear as yesterday. Maybe 20 pairs, so that's better. Tomorrow is day 3 and it's the one that's supposed to click for her. We'll see. I really hope so, because I think Brenda and I are both sick of me saying, "Let me know if you have to go to the potty, ok?" and "Look your panties are still dry! We want to keep them dry" and "Yucky, your panties aren't dry anymore." Over and over and over. Most of the time, I don't even think she's listening to me. I hope tonight goes better than last night. Last night, she had 3 accidents during the night. Tonight, I kept her awake until she peed twice for me. I just checked her and she's still dry. I have my fingered crossed that she'll stay dry until morning. Please God, let this work.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Letters A, D, E and Potty Training

So I've started this post before and for some reason it never saved, so this is an update on the past 4 posts I've tried to write.

First we backtracked for the letter A, so that we could go to the Air and Space Center. It was Awesome! We saw airplanes and Ate Astronaut Apples.

Then for D week we Did Dozens of D things. We Drove to Dinosaur Land and Discovered the Different Dinosaurs.

A few Days later, Brenda's Daddy took her to Dance class, Dennys, Dairy Queen, and they picked up Donuts on their Delightful Daddy Daughter Day.

For E week, Brenda was so Excited to Experience seeing Elmo! Sadly, I don't think any of our pictures really turned out from that, so here is another E picture. :)

So for the next 3 days, we are taking kind of a break from letters and are really focusing on potty training. I found a 3 day guaranteed potty training method that we are using on Brenda. This is day 1 and it's different than what we were trying that was NOT working for her. I'm willing to give it a shot, but I have to say that I am exhausted from today. Brenda went through 50 pairs of underwear (we only have 30, so we had to do laundry midday). This method has a lot of fluids, a lot of positive reinforcements, absolutely NO diapers including when she sleeps, and zero me time. It's 3 days of completely focusing on Brenda. Aaron has switched with me some, because he wanted me to make a cake for his friend for Saturday. So the times when he has her I've been making an awesome cake! Yeah cake!