Sunday, March 18, 2012

Field Day Friday and the letter B

This week we learned about the letter B!

Brenda and I had a Brilliant time learning about the letter BWe watched Blue's Clues, ate Banana's, colored everything Blue, and spent Field Day Friday Buried in all things B. We Began our day at BlueBird Gap Farm to Behold the Big Barn and the Baby Goats.

My Baby's getting so Big!
Being Brenda Before we Blast off.

On the way to BlueBird Gap Farm of course wearing Blue and a Bow.

Baby Goat

Big Red Barn

After Browsing the Barn and Baby goats, we played at the playground on the swings and sliding Boards.

Last at BlueBird Farm we saw the Bunnies and Tortoise.

We finished our day out at Barnes & Noble Bookstore where we Bought Brenda a Book By Sandra Boynton, Brenda's favorite Book writer.

When we got Back Brenda and I Baked Banana Bread! We had the Best day ever!

Some other things we did this week included our first dance class (It went pretty well. I think it's going to get better every week), we hung out with some friends, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with shamrock shaped pizza, green eggs, and rainbow toast.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Not-So-Brief Update.

I wanted to give some updates on what our family has been doing. 

All of us:
We are planning a vacation for the end of the month to Harrisonburg, VA. I am so excited, because Brenda is going to be able to do much more now than she did last time we went (she was 2 months old the last trip). Also, my best friend (besides Aaron) is going to meet us for half the week! I'm so excited to get to share our vacation with Liz and Sarah and possibly Liz's Mommy! We haven't seen each other since Thanksgiving (I think). On our vacation itinerary we will be visiting my Dad, Step Mom and Aunt Cindy, going on trail walks, going to a petting zoo, building a bear (build a bear workshop), seeing a family friendly show, Luray Caverns, hedge maze, dinner theater, Dinosaur Land, swimming at the water park, and the children's museum to name a few things.

Brenda and I are so proud of Aaron. He put on Staff Sergeant at the beginning of the month. He looks very good with the extra stripe! 

Me: I've made some new friends! They are very nice and have beautiful kids. It lets me have adult conversation outside of my husband and the telephone. I have also continued to progress in my weight loss journey. I have lost 65 pounds since I had Brenda and 40 since last year at this time. I still have about 20 to go to reach my goal, but I'm so close I can taste it. It's sweeter than all the sugar I don't eat anymore! 

Brenda is getting so big. We met her new doctor last month and I love her. She was so much better than the other doctors we've had. Brenda is in the 100 percentile in her head and height. She is in the 84 percentile for her weight. So basically, when she's a teenager she's going to be taller than me. Brenda also just had her first haircut 2 days ago. Yeah! No more mullet. She looks like such a sweet little lady now. I love it. She also has made some wonderful new friends. We just got back from one of their birthday parties. The girls are a couple years older than Brenda, but they still seem to have fun and I want Brenda to learn how to play with others. 

Some things with letters:
We're still learning the letters. Brenda knows how to say A, B, D, O and I and she can sign A, B, and C. I'm still trying to come up with fun letter activities and I found one that I really really like that I hope to incorporate into our letter learning fun. Field Day Fridays! We will go out to places that start with the letter or have something to do with the letter. It will be fun and will get us out of the house at least once a week. Field Day Fridays!!! It's going to be a thing!